James Williams

Haiku Java Team formed

Tags: Java

Haiku is a reimplementation of the former BeOS system. BeOS was an operating system in the late 90s that started as an alternate OS for PowerPC computers(mostly Apple) before being ported to the Intel architecture to gain market share. It never quite caught on and was later acquired by Palm. One of distinguishing "features" of the system was that it has a consistent user interface theme for any applications that run and it can't really be modified.

I've never used Haiku or BeOS but can appreciate the simplicity of its design. I think it will be interesting to see how they implement Swing and AWT given the way that the core operating system runs. It may have took a year to pick up speed but OpenJDK has legs now. First SoyLatte and now this one. Very cool...Come on guys, you gotta pick a cool name for Haiku's port of Java. I suggest chanoyu, the Japanese tea ceremony.

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