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Edit: PleaseDress.Me is no longer live. Historic post.

As its name somewhat indicates, PleaseBrowseMe is a desktop browser for the t-shirt search engine PleaseDressMe. Mostly it's a tech demo for Griffon, an app framework for Java/Groovy I helped create.

It allows you to:

  • Search pleasedress.me in real time
  • Launch a browser window/tab going directly to the retailer
  • Identify shirts you like and save them
  • Create a widget featuring the shirts you like

    It also automatically saves all searches. No affliate links were altered in the creation of this app.

As always Java 6 is pretty much REQUIRED. If you like PleaseBrowseMe and are a Twitter user, check out FriendBackup as well.

Edit: FriendBackup is no longer live.

PleaseBrowseMe screenshot

PleaseBrowseMe screenshot