James Williams

Friday Randomness

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Sun apparently has a student program for JavaOne:


Among the awesome benefits...see SMASHMOUTH live at the JavaOne AfterDark Bask. (sighs)...well... I did like "All Star" though, it was one of the jams my senior year in high school ('99). Seriously though, if you're eligible, apply. Apply with some friends so you can split a room if you all get picked. Once you're there, make sure to come see my two BOFs.

I added Radar charts support to the grails google chart plugin bringing it to version 0.4.6 and back to fully implementing their spec(at least AFAIK).

Google App Engine... bummer that it's Python only but understandable why Java/JVM languages didn't make the first go-round. Those reasons have been discussed all over the web so I won't go into them. If you would like Groovy support to be added, go over to their issues page and star the items (here and here). You will need a Google account and please don't add "+1"s to the comments, there are enough already. My 0.02, or 0.0150 given the freefall of the dollar, I think it's already planned and Python is a test run of the infrastructure.

For those in the Bay area, Tampa Bay area that is, I'll be giving a presentation at the Tampa JUG on Google Android on April 29th. They'll be pizza and semi-cool demos. Come check it out.