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2016-08-25 Basics Without Boilerplate: Java the Pain-free Way

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2012-10-03 The Best Programming Advice I Ever Got

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2012-04-23 CoffeeScript Library for Todo.txt

2012-04-12 Taming your workflow with Todo.txt

2012-03-14 Review of Design for Hackers

2012-02-21 February and March Interviews / Conferences

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2010-12-21 Visor and TotalFinder bring awesome to OS X

2010-12-16 Two days with the Chrome OS Netbook

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2010-11-22 I am writing a book

2010-11-11 Mozilla Labs - Open Web Gaming recap - Part 2

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2010-08-27 The book that was not to be

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2009-10-26 StrangeLoop Recap

2008-07-28 APIs do matter

2008-07-10 100th Post

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2008-06-07 Friend Feed on your blog

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2008-04-30 Quick news

2008-04-11 Friday Randomness

2008-03-22 Goodbye to eatj

2008-02-28 Java3DBuilder - Textures and Lighting

2008-02-20 More on microformats

2008-02-18 Google Social Graph API and Microformats

2008-02-11 Java3DBuilder take two

2007-12-05 Handling Legacy URLs

2007-01-29 Recreating the wheel