James Williams

Friend Feed on your blog

Tags: General

Given that Twitter is flaky as of late, I've decided to replace the Twitter badge on my blog to a Friend Feed badge. Friend Feed does has less users but the aggregation of services gives you a better feel for the personality and likes/dislikes of your friends. ~~After a quick google search to confirm there wasn't one out there already,~~ I decided to take the afternoon and make one so I can flex my newly acquired jQuery skills.

It's inspired by the many "put your twitter feed on your blog" posts there are floating around.

Edit: There is a FF-sponsored widget, wonder why Google didn't find it. I prefer simplicity and not all out gradienty-web2.0-ness anyways

To install:

  1. Download the friendfeed.js script.

  2. Include the following call in your document.ready(...) script:


  3. Include this div somewhere in you layout code:

    <div id="friendfeed_div"> <h3 class="ff-title">Friend Feed Updates</h3> <ul style="list-style-image:none;list-style-type:none" id="ffupdatelist"></ul> </div>