James Williams

The book that was not to be

Some of y'all might have noticed that my blog has been relatively silent this summer and spring. While some of this can be explained by summer vacation, there was another major reason.

I was writing a book. On Google Wave. Yes, that Google Wave, whose development was suspended earlier this month. I lucked out in that I only had four chapters completed. Others weren't so lucky. A Wave team member I met at the GTUG campout told me that a Japanese book was released on the same day as the announcement.

Thrust in this situation, you could be mad about what could have been or roll with it. I am happy about is that I didn't announce it too early. If I had done so, I think this experience would have been more embarassing fail than case of "que sera." I got to break the news on my terms. I learned a lot in the process and plan to share some of that in upcoming posts.

I still believe Google Wave is a great project and appreciate all the help I received from the Wave team, editors and reviewers. You might even see the fruits of my labor as smallish e-book(~100pgs were written). Don't feel too bad for me, I have a new project that I will surface when the time is right ;).