James Williams

I am writing a book

Back in August, I talked about a Google Wave book that seemed not to be. I expressed hope at the time that it would be able to be made in some shape or form. While the progress of Wave in a Box has been encouraging, I'm not announcing a new form for that material yet. I also mentioned a new project I would announce later...

Now is that time. I'm happy to announce that I'm writing a book for Addison Wesley on HTML5 Game Programming. The book is set to cover HTML5 Canvas, SVG, WebGL and other cool stuff. Java devs, don't be discouraged, I have some bits planned just for you.

The exact release date is not set but my guess would be sometime mid to late next year. I've got a couple of chapters in the can already and am working toward an early access release that should come out in the next couple of months. I'll keep y'all posted on that.