James Williams

Twittering on blog update

Tags: General

During the twitter talk, someone mentioned blog software having tie-ins so that tweets when you make a new entry. It seems that this isn't that popular yet or I'm searching the wrong twemes. #newblogpost has been used a couple of times but #blogupdate, #blog-update and #blog-updates are unused. What do folks think about using one of the aforementioned hashes along with one or two of tags you used to classify it on your blog?

It would provide an extra resource for folks who may have never known about your blog. As more applications start to semantically filter tags, some friends could subscribe to only my general posts, my java friends to my groovy posts, etc. But given the many niche market RSS aggregators, is it really needed? Does the desire to give your followers an inside track to what they may find useful classify as rising your noise to signal ratio? Without some sort of semantic search, is it too much information?

The reason I ask is that my blog host software is personally written so it's not a question of can I but should I?

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