James Williams

Customize Google Chrome with Chromizer

One of the things you miss from running an OS where the browser and the OS are one and the same is the ability to actually see the desktop. In Chrome OS running on the CR-48, the new tab that shows all your apps and recently opened websites has become the defacto desktop.

If Google's sparse white background doesn't do it for you, you can apply one of the themes available in the Chrome Web Store or you can make your own. There are several tools on the market to do so but the easiest is Chromizer. It allows you to upload a single image file and it gives you a extension with your theme bundled that you can install or give to others to install. The process was super simple and in 10 minutes, I had already played around with more than a handful of custom themes.

For those of you not on the Chrome netbook, you can create themes as well. You can try it out at http://chromizer.com.